Gun Sales Policy Needs To Change Say Activists In The U.S.

Gun Sales Policy Needs To Change Say Activists In The U.S.

With mass shooting witnessed across the county, a change in the gun sales policy is becoming a necessity in the U.s.

Gun violence is a new culture spreading across various regions of the country. Two deadly shootings that occurred over the weekend, has raised concern among the top political heads.

Gun Sales Policy Needs To Change Say Activists In The U.S.

In El Paso, Texas, about 22 shoppers at a Walmart store died when a shooter opened fire on them on Saturday. Another incident occurred almost immediately within hours at Dayton, Ohio, when a gunman opened fire and nine people outside a bar died immediately.

The U.S. President Trump has condemned the spread of hatred and mental illness that has brought in the mass shootings. He says that there is no place for hatred and racism in America.

President Trump has tweeted saying “The death of those who died and those who are seriously wounded should not go in vain in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas”. He has asked for the Democrats and Republicans to come together and make background checks and bring in immigration reforms.

The Justice Department has been asked to propose legislation to make sure that such crimes are punished with a death penalty.

Walmart has risen the minimum age as 21 for purchasing guns. However, gun control activists have asked the retailer to do away with gun sales and ammunition sales altogether.

Guns Down America, which is an advocacy group that works for gun control has produced a petition urging Walmart to bring in more stringent changes.

The founder and Executive Director Igor Volsky of Guns Down America says that there will be a delay by the time changes are made in the Federal legislative. But many Americans are dying and immediate action is a must.

Earlier in 2013, a gunman had shot about 20 first-grade children and six adults at Newtown, Connecticut. But Walmart ended the sale of guns two years later.

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