Cancer Linked To Obesity Is Striking Middle Aged More Than Before

Cancer Linked To Obesity Is Striking Middle Aged More Than Before

Obesity rates in America have skyrocketed in the recent years. According to a new study, cancer linked to this problem is striking among the middle aged people more than expected. According to the information nearly 6 million black, Hispanic and white cancer patient were diagnosed during the period 2000 to 2016. Men and women of all races between 50 and 64 years of age have now developed a higher risk of getting obesity associated with cancer as compared to their older and younger peers.

Cancer Linked To Obesity Is Striking Middle Aged More Than Before

Dr. Nathan Berger who is the professor of experimental medicine said that cancer is a time taking process and the development of cancer takes 10-20 years. He said that for many cancer types, the process is accelerated by obesity. In the past people developed cancer at the age of 60–70 but now people are developing it at the age of 50-60. The team of U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that the rate of obesity got doubled between 1866 and 2016 among the people aging 20–39 years. The number increased from 28% to 43% in the people aging 40–59 and 24–41% among the people aging 60 or above. Dr. Howard Burris explained that insulin production is increased due to obesity which also increases estrogen production and these both can increase the risk of cancer.

List of cancers that are linked with obesity are hormonal cancers like breast cancer, thyroid and ovarian cancer. Burris said that gastrointestinal cancers are also linked with obesity. These include liver, colorectal, stomach and gallbladder cancer. Kidney cancer can also be linked to obesity. Siran Koroukian, who is the study author, said that cancer is not a one day process. Obesity is a constant inflammation state. And this shifting of cancer risk to younger people is happening due to obesity which is now prevalent in younger people as well.

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