Tidal Shares Songs In Instagram And Facebook As Stories

Tidal Shares Songs In Instagram And Facebook As Stories

iHeartRadio is not the only streaming music platform assisting you share music in recent days as Stories. Tidal has launched an alternative to share tunes squarely as Stories in Instagram and Facebook, assisting you show your musical nature to your friends. You can share clips, as well—viewers will be able to see 15-second footage of clips and concerts if you post videos on Instagram, and still pictures on Facebook.

Tidal Shares Songs In Instagram And Facebook As Stories

The function is accessible now in iOS and Android apps of Tidal. As with same social efforts, it is not expected that your friends are going to change services after you share an attractive song in your Stories. On the other hand, that is not actually the expectation here. This is more about increasing awareness of Tidal. If even a part of Story users enroll, Tidal will have attained its objective.

On a related note, Tidal is remaining in the vanguard position of the social climate and its rivalry by permitting you to ban music you do not wish to listen. It is a page taken out of Spotify’s digest, which earlier provided the feature after getting pressure from their subscribers. Blocking specific songs or artists on Tidal impacts the My Mix tailored track radio and playlists. Unless you unblock your tracks inside the settings of Tidal app, the earlier banned artist or song will never play on your account again.

Addition of song/artist blocking by Tidal is great for those cases where you wish to shun an earworm, or just have an artist you hate and do not wish to hear to. After Spotify came below heat for eliminating songs by singer R. Kelly (following latest allegations of violence and sexual abuse) from its playlists, but not completely from the streaming service, it would make logic that more music streaming services (such as Tidal) will shift toward offering their consumers more control over what they hear to.

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