Who’s Next After Ford Motors In Trump’s List?

Who’s Next After Ford Motors In Trump’s List

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday intensified a series of attacks on carmakers for failing to support the government’s plan to return to Obama-era fuel efficiency rules, in particularly Ford for backing a deal with the United States. California would make standards more stringent over fuel consumption.

Who’s Next After Ford Motors In Trump’s List

Ford is one of four manufacturers, along with Volkswagen, Honda, and BMW AG, which have reached a voluntary agreement on fuel economy rules with California, and has challenged the government’s efforts to combat climate change by setting its own standards. California’s rules are more flexible than those of the Obama era, but stricter than Trump’s.

Trump said the company’s founder, Henry Ford, “would be very disappointed to see his modern kids wanting to build a much more expensive, much less safe and less efficient car because leaders don’t want to fight back. California regulators.” “

Ford said in a statement that it focuses on protecting the environment while maintaining the accessibility of vehicles. “This agreement with California guarantees regulatory stability and reduces CO2 emissions, but is more in line with two different standards,” he said.

There is no indication that existing fuel consumption rules would impair vehicle performance. And environmentalists and many states dispute Trump’s claim that regulations proposed by his government would improve vehicle safety or significantly reduce vehicle prices, arguing that consumers would save more on fuel costs under existing regulations. The Obama rules.

According to the administration, the increase in fuel consumption would raise the global average temperature by 3 / 1000º Celsius by 2100, but would save thousands of lives over the next 30 years, in part because consumers would buy faster, safer and cheaper vehicles. Environmentalists and many states reject this analysis.


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