Tokyo Show To Witness Nissan IMk City Electric Car Concept

Tokyo Show To Witness Nissan IMk City Electric Car Concept

The Japanese manufacturer said the concept, based on a new EV platform, heralds a “new direction for Nissan’s design language” and gives life to Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the brand’s generic term for technology autonomous and including connectivity systems.

The square concept, to be unveiled later this month at the Toyko Motor Show, resembles popular Japanese Kei cars, but the automaker said the IMK was designed to address the common segment in Japan.

Tokyo Show To Witness Nissan IMk City Electric Car Concept

This suggests that the IMk model features a global model instead of a kei car, some examples of which are usually sold only in the domestic Nissan market. When asked if a production version would be available for sale outside Japan, Nissan said, “It’s a concept car. It shows the possibility of a small, urban EV. We’d love to hear from potential customers.”

Nissan is currently selling a consumer electric car; the Leaf. An emission-free SUV, built on IMQ concept, is due to be introduced by 2020. A production type of this IMk concept would enable Nissan to offer an inexpensive EV for city dwellers who are likely to purchase an electric vehicle.

As the IMk concept is based on a new electric vehicle platform, this design will likely be deployed on different Nissan cars to certify economies of scale. The slightly larger Micra is a candidate for the platform.

The concept is shorter, narrower and taller than the current Micra, like traditional kie cars, although the modified EV platform allows for much more interior space.

The concept represents a new step toward fully autonomous driving,” Nissan said. The smartphone-powered external parking function can search for a parking space as soon as the occupants of the car leave the car. When you are ready to leave, you can call the car.

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