Two Cases Of Pneumonic Plague Reported In Beijing

Two Cases Of Pneumonic Plague Reported In Beijing

In Beijing, two people have been said to been diagnosed with the disease, pneumonic plague. The disease in rare instances has been known to be life consuming if it is left untreated. The disease is also known to be highly contagious. On Tuesday, the two individuals had begun treatment at a hospital in the capital city of China which houses over 21 million people as per the local authorities.

Two Cases Of Pneumonic Plague Reported In Beijing

World Health Organization has called this form of plague to be fatal inside 24 to 72 hours of the disease and they have called this plague’s most virulent form as bubonic plague is a form which is less dangerous.

The patients belong to the northwestern region of the province of Inner Mongolia. The officials have said in their statement that measures for prevention and control of the disease have been implemented.

No information has been provided by the government yet however there has been confirmation provided by W.H.O. that they have been notified by Chinese authorities about these cases of the disease.

The officials of WHO have said that the local authorities in China have been implementing their efforts of treating and making sure that the disease does not spread.

The officials have also said that the risk of transmission of the disease happens when the affected person comes in close contact with someone and the risk is being managed and screened.

As per the website of WHO, the lung-based disease is extremely contagious and has the capability of triggering sever epidemic if the person comes in contact with another person and transmission occurs through air droplets.

The symptoms of the disease include chills, nausea, vomiting and fever/

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