Fairway Now Going To Sell Up To 5 Of The Stores

Fairway Now Going To Sell Up To 5 Of The Stores

Fairway now is saying that it is going to sell up to five of their stores for as much as $70 million.

The grocery store chain Fairway has said that they are filing for the bankruptcy after all. The grocer in three states with the local cult following has been in talks of selling of five of the stores for the Village Supermarket Inc, which is the owner of the suburban market known as ShopRite. The deal of $70 million while they are still working may be drawing in the buyers for the remaining stores of Fairway in the area of tri-state.

Fairway Now Going To Sell Up To 5 Of The Stores


The announcement of Fairway of bankruptcy has following on a day has been emotional of New Yorkers, beginning with the report from a report that had suggested the Fairway is going to be selling all of the 14 of their locations in three states. The company had responded for that article and the concerns which are mounting on the Twitter with the reassurances that they had no intention for filing for the bankruptcy or closing all of their stores. Potentially due to the financial downturn of the company in the last few years as well as the crushing debt, the stance of Fairway has been appearing to have shifted I one night.

The officers of Sheriff had changed the lock on the Big Boy Deli yesterday in Brooklyn closing forcibly its stores after they had accumulated many thousands of dollars int eh fines unpaid over the previous six years. The neighbors known as bodega, which is located on the Broadway and Myrtle Avenue of corners and had been found guilty of civil violations.

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