Study finds that there are only some fructose-containing sugar food sources that are associated with MetS

Based on the review that was online published in JAMA Network Open the connection between sugar drinks and incident metabolic syndrome (MetS) do not range to other fructose-containing sugar food products, fruit, mixed fruit and complete fruit juices, and yogurt. These foods offer protective connection with incident metabolic syndrome.

Zhila Semnani-Azad and his team performed a proper methodological review and studied 13 prospective researches, which had an involvement of 49,591 members. The study was conducted for a year or more in order to find any kind of association with incident MetS and major fructose-containing sugars food sources; this study was basically conducted on the members having no MetS before the study started. The main focus of the researchers was to reveal the role of other fructose-containing sugar food sources in MetS development.

The results that were found by the researchers displayed that the protective dose-response association for the foods fruit and yogurt was L shaped, the dose-response association for sugar containing beverages was linear, and it was U shaped for the fruit juices (mixed as well as in complete fruit juices).

The outcome from the results was that there was no extension to the other sources of food that contained fructose sugar since there was no evidence that these foods showed an association with incident MetS. The results also displayed that some of the foods showed protective association. Foods such as confectionary, honey, and ice-cream relatively showed no association with MetS.

The authors of the study commented that the foods that showed neutral and protective association highlighted two crucial considerations. The first one being the small benefits that are obtained by certain foods are due to the catalytic doses of fructose intake. Next finding was that the food composition plays a vital role. For instance, beverages that contain sugar as sweeteners have no other nutrient thus can be categorized as a source for fructose-containing sugar source but in case of other foods such as yogurt they contain other beneficiary nutrients like minerals, polyphenols, and fiber, which offers protection and overcomes the harms from the sugar.

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